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The Official Flashlight

From the eBay auction, on November 22nd, 2007:

''You are bidding on a Luigi's Mansion flashlight kit. This is a promo item from Nintendo that was never sold in any store. The set includes the flashlight (roughly 8" long -- PS2 mem card is to show scale only) with Luigi's Mansion logo printed on the top and the Nintendo GameCube logo etched into the front of the glass. (When the flashlight is turned on it shows the silhouette of the logo wherever it shines like the batsignal!) Also includes the batteries originally included with the flashlight and a carry bag that has the Luigi's Mansion logo printed on it and a printed tag that says "Help Luigi scare away ghosts in Luigi's Mansion."

This is a truly rare item that would look great in any collection or a perfect gift for any Nintendo fan. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me via email. Good luck and happy bidding!''

I attempted to win it, but once it passed the $50 barrier, I didn't think it was worth.  If I recall correctly, it sold for over $100 or so.  And, it's been the only one to ever surface on the internet.

Unused Material


Test Room
-Test room left over on the disc.  The first room is reminiscent of the foyer.  There's a Toad crying for help in the south west corner, the Butler is going back and forth near the center of the room, the Butler's candles are in the floor, a King Boo is halfway in the floor, a large version of Luigi's arm is next to the fire and there's a picture of Mario in the air.  Because I lack a saved game that has the fire element, I don't know if actually lighting the candles will trigger anything (or if the fire even will even send out a fire elemental).  The Toad can't be talk to, nor does King Boo do anything.  Having a Gameboy Horror and scanning leads to nothing (scanning the Butler's heart freezes the game).  The arm seems to be the one used for the door opening cutscene (given the length and look of it; loaded for testing?).  The room on the right has Luigi's steps set in a different environment (outside), and music starts up from the dance room in the main game.  The only ghost in here is the male half of the dancing couple (usage of GBH makes him visible).  The north room has a few circular tables and rectangluer ones, all of which can be walked through (excluding their legs).  The east room has two ladders, and a similar build to the Foyer-like room.  Note that the clock is different (though, the west room one is the same as the real Foyer).  Touching/Talking to/Standing in front of King Boo triggers something that freezes the game (as evident by the freeze at the end of the video).

Beta Gallery
-An old version of the gallery still on the disc.  Notice that it isn't lit up, nor are there places on the walls for frames (I attempted hitting "A" at places where they would be to see if it would activate something.)  The angel statues were originally the unicorn ones seen during the Boolossus fight.  The chamber for King Boo's image is a bit under furnished in comparison to the final's.

*Bolded = Unused*
* = my notes.


Aaahhhh!  ... Ugh!  Ouch...  Ooof... I sure take a lot of knocks in this line of work.  I'm getting too old for this ghost-catching tomfoolery.  Anyway, nice to meet you.  I'm <COLOR>(3)Professor E. Gadd<COLOR>(0).  This house... I swear it seems to have more ghosts every day!  What's a young feller like you doing around here, anyhoo?
Uh-oh! This looks ugly.  All right, youngster, look lively! Follow me, posthaste!
The "Waggawaggawagga!" line, I believe, should've displayed right when the trio of orange ghosts appear, given where it is and the lines that follow.



In Melody's ungodly insane difficult piano guessing game, there's a few choices you don't get to pick:


What a stirring performance!  I haven't been so charmed by a piece for ages!

You must have a delicate ear for music. Would you like to listen to my piano sonata?

Well, here I go.

*Melody would play the piano here*



Er, I don't know.

Mario Bros.

Super Mario World

Super Mario Bros. 3

Tataketo's theme

Tokeketa's theme

Totakeke's theme

By the you know the name of this piece?


By the way...what image do you think the piece's composer had in mind while writing it? *First set

By the way...that song was featured in a famous game. Do you know which game? *Second set

By the way...I wrote that song. Do you know what it is called? *Third set


I'm pretty sure this is where Totaka's Song was supposed to appear, instead of the controller style select menu.  Or perhaps it still does?


-Daisy image using Mario Tennis art.  Found next to the posters Luigi can suck up.


-Unused talking head icons.  Mario's would have probably appeared when he say, "Get me outta' here!" when Luigi visits him in the well.  The orange ghost icon most likely would have shown up when the unused dialogue appeared.  The other two have no real purpose.


-Unused ending images, found in the "Ending" directory.


Found in the model directory for "obake01" and "obake02."  Brought to my attention by TCRF. (Awesome stuff!)

Pre-Release Official Art

Extracted from the official screensaver from Nintendo of Europe.  It's no longer offered on their site:

Documents and Whatnot

Luigi's Mansion Development.doc
My good friend MK_Jordan got a hold of many articles detailing the beginning of the Mansion's development.

Key Points (in order of apperance):
  • The Mansion wasn't going to be a mansion entirely from the start.
  • LM was going to be for the N64 at first.
  • Luigi was not first thought of to star in the game.
  • Real-time changes to all rooms were planned (as in "do action 'a' causes level 'b' to change").
  • The control scheme featured the C-Stick for movement and the analog stick for the flashlight and Poltergust 3000 (aka switched).
  • The GBH timer was really just meant for E3, not the final game (supposedly).
  • LM was a technical demo
  • Only the water element was in on the E3 demo.
  • The game was not shown entirely at E3.
  • GBA functionality could have been in planning.
(If IGN and/or N-Sider would like their articles taken off for any reason, please email me at

-Collection of pre-release Luigi's Mansion articles from PlanetGamecube/Nintendo World Report.  Difference noted in the articles are listed below.  Links to the real articles on the internet are included in the document.
  • Mario Sunshine and Luigi's Mansion were rumored to be in a two-disc pack (representing "dark" and "light").  Both Sunshine and Mansion would "connect" in some fashion (storyline-wise).
  • Second Portrait Ghost had some attack power.
  • Boos did their classic transparent act when Luigi looked at them.
  • Bats existed outside.
  • Luigi had a "dive-rolling" move that allowed him to dodge ghosts.
  • The Start/Pause button activated the Gameboy Horror.
  • The Mansion would change with the game over time (as noted in the previous articles sent in by MK_Jordan).
  • Yuji Naka likes LM.
  • Luigi may have had a very large role in Sunshine (or possibly some type of pre-Galaxy/Mario 128 game).  Or the game in question was LM, but Mario had a more dominant role.
  • More support towards the control stick being switched with the c-stick.
  • Control stick (aim) and c-stick (move) were the default choices; could be flipped in-game.
  • A-button used for opening doors.
  • Water hose?
  • First Portrait ghost only has 50-HP instead of 100.
  • Boo images detailed on coins.
  • The beta/E3 version of Luigi's Mansion seemed more fun than the release copy.
Nintendo Power Volume 149
  • All photos come from the build after E3 2001 (Spaceworld 2001)
  • p1: NP states right off the bat that "screen elements" will be changed.
  • p2: Bottom left shot- This seems to be the only shot from E3 '01 (note the Poltergust model)
  • p2: Next shot over- Mansion's color is strange (magazine printing?)
  • p3: Bottom left shot- Door isn't heart shaped and thorns aren't on it.  Toad's model is slightly different form the final (has the "rendered" look)
  • p3: Study shot- Overlay of health doesn't happen.
  • p4: Mansion Grounds top right- First shot of those annoying small ghosts outside the kitchen.  Boney is nowhere to be found (cleared already?)
  • p4: Creepy Camera text- ""Most of the time, you'll play the game with an inset picture of the Gameboy horror displayed."
  • p4: Creepy Camera: All shots - Font looks different than standard JAP release (need to look into that).
  • p4: More Haunts: Bottom shot- Shield is replaced by mirror in the final.
-(Link will probably change, here's a YouTube variant if it does: )
  • Satoru Iwata talks with Hideki Konno about how Nintendo's been after the 3D market for some time, and cites a 3D version of Luigi's Mansion as one of their first games to walk outside the television screen.  So, shortly after the game hit stores, they tried out a 3D version using a special LCD screen hooked up to a Gamecube.  
  • [NOT ACTUAL FACTS ]To feed the rumormill, perhaps Luigi's Mansion will resurface on the 3DS?  Possibly a sequel?  The trademark was renewed earlier this year, so who knows.

Random Things

-See the pot on the left side of the image?  That's not something from the final version of Luigi's Mansion!  E3 Beta content found in Brawl!

-The theme heard in the E3 version.

Nintendo Gamecube Presentation Sampler

Around the first week of November 2014, a very interesting piece of Luigi's Mansion (and Nintendo) history had made its way to eBay. This particular item was a presentation sampler consisting of various games and their art assets plastered onto it. Very interestingly, an older Luigi render and two ghost designs a la Spaceworld 2000.  The strange blue ghost was on there as well (seen in Spaceworld material and obake01's lone BTI file in its archive.

Are there more art assets laying around in the limbo of early 2000's internet? Let's hope so!

Higher resolution scans will be up within a couple of weeks.



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