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The only site on the internet devoted to Luigi's Mansion on the Nintendo Gamecube.  Compiled together by Zeek and Catley due to their strange love for this game.

Contributers include: MK_Jordan.


If anyone is still out there, coming to this site, I have some "eh" news.  Freewebs was bought out some number of times, resulting in a time limit now being put on all grandfathered sites that were originally free.  Come March 31st of 2021, LBM will be taken offline unless I pay for hosting and whatnot.  I originally started this site for fun, using as much free junk as I could.  It finally appears as though the ride is coming to an end, unfortunately, since I'm too cheap to bother paying for this.

What I would like to do is simply move everything to a different relevant site, such as TCRF, since I noticed they started allowing prerelease sections.  However, I'll have to find out myself how deep they want that sort of thing to be, since I know the primary goal of TCRF are things leftover in the released games, as well as prototypes, while magazines/videos are a different subject matter.

I still have all of the original source material used in the LM1-sections of this site backed up somewhere, at the very least.

I didn't have time to take a picture, personally, but, as we know, Luigi's Mansion 3 is out now.

If you're like me, and didn't quite enjoy 2, 3 is certainly a step up.  While there is some heavy nostalgia goggles that will never let me like certain things (and that's completely on me), the game is certainly fun regardless.

Well, everyone:


Well, everyone:

It's finally here.

Beta64 ported over the Luigi's Mansion debug mode code from the PAL region to the NTSC (American) region!

So, now, you don't have to worry about playing PAL LM and needing a TV that supports PAL 50Hz.


Seems as though is gone, and I don't currently have access to my backups and whatnot, so it'll be awhile before they'll come back up.  Yes, it's very unfortunate.

Anyway, I've found an odd occurrence in the USA version of LM while running it under Dolphin (latest revision as of today [6278]).  Don't know if it happens in the other versions (JAP is likely, though).

This ONLY appeared since I had the FPS counter on (hence the blue color).  It is counting how many ghosts I've sucked up.  It then maxes out at the full bar, and does nothing else.  The odd thing is, why is this even happening?  This gauge is only meant for elemental powers found later on the game.  The only other [beta] feature to use the gauge was the heat meter, however that filled rapidly over a time interval rather than how many ghosts you suck up.  I've only recently started a new game, and noticed this the second I turned the FPS counter on.  Once you turn the FPS counter off, it will eventually go away by sinking below the screen once you talk to Toad or do anything that triggers a cutscene.  Since saving the game causes yellow text to appear in Dolphin, the gauge turns yellow as well.

I honestly don't know why this would be happening, since again, this gauge is only used for elementals.  The gauge resets to zero every time you exit the mansion/training room.

O man!  There's an actual update!  With content!!

Check out the bottom of the "Beta Images & Text" section for some more unused images, and now text!
Also, the articles section includes the little nugget of information regarding LM being a test subject for a 3D game.

Slight edit: For some odd reason, the font is screwing up if you're using Opera and/or other browsers.  The Mansion page appears fine under Chrome, but with Opera, the text is larger than it should be.  And, since I'm rather ignorant at web design, I have no idea why.
First update of 2010 that isn't much of an update.

A recent article appeared on Infendo regarding LM's trademark getting an update.  Most likely, it's simply Nintendo keeping ahold of the title of the game and such.  However, some other junk going on points to possibly something else! (see article)

As for that beta content, it's still sitting on my harddrive.  I've been too busy actually playing video games and being in real life to bother to update to that horrid image-hoster I use for some reason.  If you're still craving something no one else has unearthed, I'd suggest the Mario Sunshine topic I made over on the (WARNING: The X-Cult is generally NSFW) X-Cult.  I was recently on a Sunshine high and bothered myself to go rooting around on the disc; and once again, I've found stuff never before seen (as far as I know). 
Another video added detailing the left over gallery.

Also, someone has willingly let me use a program they built that properly decompresses the files in Luigi's Mansion.  And, the first major thing I've found so far is the E3's Gameboy Horror textures!  Stay tuned!


Anyway, I was checking out the W3 stats and I'm proud to say that people actually surfed this site on their Wii (from across the pond, too!).  I found that to be pretty cool, being a FreeWebs site and all.  This grail of information also appears third on Google (after my X-Cult topic and some AOL video).

Though, with all this awesome, there's a bit of a fault line plastered in here somewhere.  I search YouTube every once in awhile to see if I can find any new things, such as Oni64's cool LM E3 previews, but there's also other people such as Silverfang797 who are uploading the same IGN videos I did and giving them the same titles!  Before anyone goes by and states, "But you stole them as well!" and whatnot, this isn't what I'm trying to get at.  I'm annoyed that users such as he are coining the terms like "Scare the Crap Outta You Ghost" and using them for their benefit (And yes, stuff like that is how I know they're looking at my own).  I just find it flat-out annoying, and what's worse, they aren't linking back to here.  Again, none of the "ZOMFG ADVERTISING" stuff, I'm getting at comments I've read such as "Why is it like this?" and the copy-users saying they have no idea; yet they've seen my own videos and have seen the link on the right side of the page.

It's fine to feel proud and all, but seriously, don't take all the credit.  I'm certain people have already leeched my beta theme I happened to find and my assortment of beta artwork.

And to my surprise, I'm still the only one who has bothered to extract stuff from the disc and post it.

There's a few videos I downloaded from YouTube for safe keeping that are from the E3 LM conference (detailing some important info.)  Go check 'em out; I'll post some descriptions eventually...

That awesome eBay auction for that LM promo flashlight will be archived on here; I did download the images from the auction and stuff, so if it is gone, I have them.

If you're confused about my previous message on LM's audio, it is quite easy to do.  I can't uplaod the samples here due to copyrights and whatnot, so you'll have to do it yourself.  Simply backup your copy of Luigi's Mansion and dump the Audio directory using a program like GC-Explorer and grab all the files in there (without them being in subdirectoires; need everything in one spot) and run the program on the JaiInit.aaf file.  Then, the program should spit out hundreds of audio files, some used and not used in the game (most notably different versions of Gadd's voice.)

Things I have to update:

*Updated images/descriptions from the great contributer, MK_Jordan
*Random LM stuff I haven't bothered to put on here yet
*More Art & Wallpaper (and redo that entire page)
*[Possible] AR Code section

And if anyone still knows anything about Luigi running on stage and using the Poltergust 3000 in Paper Mario 2, please tell me if it does happen.

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NOTE: I don't have any idea where any pre-release copy of Luigi's Mansion can be found, nor do I own any copies like that.  So, don't ask me about it.



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